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    e12 Правила продажи недвижимости за рубежом

    Ladies and gentlemen,

     The Real Estate Agency ‘Uniks’ has developed an algorithm for cooperation between owners of foreign real estate, the seller (REA) in Russia and the buyer, which allows to increase the number of sales and minimize ‘commutation’ of buyers.

     We suggest the following scheme of the cooperation between the owner and the seller (REA)

     1. The owner and the REA shall enter into a ‘Contract on Provision of Consulting Services to Find a Buyer (Investor)’ or the ‘Contract on the Guaranteed Sale of the Real Estate Unit’

     2. Any of the contracts shall be negotiated for a period of 6 months.

     3. Commission Charge of the REA equals 3% (our company works on turnover basis). You can choose any rate as agreed with the owner.

     4. An obligatory term of any contract: the owner shall transfer 1% of the purchase price of the unit (1 unit is an apartment or suite) within 3 days from the date of signing the contract to the account specified by the REA. This money is assigned for marketing activities to promote the unit and is included in the total fee charge. That is, after the sale the owner shall transfer the remaining balance of 2%.

     5. We try to deal with at least 10 units from one owner, unless they are luxury apartments. The second condition verified by our practice is that the sum of 1% totals about 10 000 Euro. In this case this sum is sufficient for good marketing activities.

     6. Money received from the owner is used efficiently as possible on marketing the units (media, Internet, issuing catalogues and brochures, and other forms of advertising, including regional promotion).

     7. The REA only has 6 months to perform its obligations, that’s why we attract the maximum number of agents. In this case the advertising campaign is very helpful.

     8. The contracts have a special feature in clause 1, which is as follows:

    -  Subject to ‘Contract on Provision of Consulting Services to Find a Buyer (investor)’ in case the REA fails to perform its obligations, it shall returns to the owner the sum of the advance payment plus 12% penalty of the amount of the advance payment.

    - Subject to the :Contract On the Guaranteed Sale of the Real Estate Unit’ in case the REA fails to perform its obligations, it shall purchase the unsold real estate units.

     We have a habit to enter into contracts of guaranteed sales with the owners, and for two years of out operation we have not faced the necessity to purchase the unsold real estate unites. The REA and its staff are highly motivated to work, and it results in a quick search of the buyer and quick sales.

     9. A second important element of success is relationship between the REA and the buyer. We are committed to finding a buyer for a particular real estate unit, which we deal with. For example, as it was mentioned above, we handle 10 real estate units. We look for the buyer for these specific items, rather than for the whole block or multi-dwelling unit. Another thing we are committed to is providing the buyer with the maximum information about the unit so that the buyer would not refuse the deal on the site and switch to another agency.

     What our company does for this purpose:

     - We enter into the ‘Contract on Provision of Consulting Services to the Buyer to Find the Unit’ with a potential buyer

     - The Annex 1 to the Contract is Application Form, where all the buyer preferences are detailed, and the buyer signs it.

     - Subject to the contract, the buyer shall pay for the agency services in parts in equal shares (50% on signing and 50% upon performance of the contract) the sum of:

     - In case the purchase price of real estate unit totals up to 30 000 Euros the sum of - 1000 Euros.

    - In case the purchase price of real estate unit totals up to 100 000 Euros the sum of - 1500 Euros.

    - In case the purchase price of real estate unit totals up to 1 500 000 Euros the sum of - 2000 Euros.

    - In case the purchase price of real estate unit totals over 1 500 000 Euros  the sum of - 1000 Euros.

     The same contract provides refund of 50% of these amounts if the buyer purchased a real estate unit through the agency partners.

     - In its turn, subject to the Application the Agency shall provide the buyer up to 15 units that comply with the requests specified in the application. Usually 5-6 units are suffice. We take into account all requests of the buyer, and of the owner, who is also keen on the sale. During his stay in Russia, the buyer is provided with a maximum number of photos, video, etc. Leaving for the deal the buyer is well familiar with the purchasing unit, its infrastructure, the legislation of the country of purchase. All that results in successful deals.

     Sincerely years

    Team of the REA "UNIKS"


    Contract and presentation.


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